Lorelei - "Lore of Lies" Variant Collector Bundle

Lorelei - "Lore of Lies" Variant Collector Bundle

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This is a bundle for ALL FIVE variants of Lorelei - Lore of Lies. These are identical to the individual variants and do not have any extras/changes to the vinyl

Each variant is a 12" vinyl housed in a single sleeve jacket with a double-sided full color lyric insert


 This bundle includes the following variants:

- "Peaches to Insanity" Mystery - Peach and Pink Swirl with Rainbow Splatter (/25)

- "Dunwich Splatter" Clear with Blue, Flame Red and Pink Splatter (/50)

- "Masque Merge" Flame Red and Cream Swirl (/50)

- "Salem Town Swirl" Flame Red and White Swirl with Black Splatter (/50)

- "Mortal Swirl" Blue and Cream Swirl with Flame Red Splatter (/75)



A1. Preface to Insanity
A2. Godfather Death
A3. The Dunwich Horror
A4. The Mortal Immortal
B5. The Hearse Song
B6. Masque
B7. Salem Town
B8. Lore of Lies

 Limit 1 per customer


**Due to the nature of vinyl, final products can differ from mock ups as they are not a representation of the final product**