The Raven Autarchy "The Obscene Deliverance" Random Blob Vinyl

The Raven Autarchy "The Obscene Deliverance" Random Blob Vinyl

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The /100 orange inside clear with black splatter turned out weird. Half of the copies were super on the mark or fairly close, and others were off in a unique way.

We had some requests for people asking specifically for the weird ones, so here's your chance. This is a listing that will get you one of the less accurate copies of the variant. 

These copies are completely fine functionally speaking and are entirely unique to one another. No two are identical.

Each will be hand-numbered out of 100 and will still count towards the full run. So the accurate and unique versions will add up to 100 copies total.


A1. A Dead Cherry Blossom Tree
A2. Kyomu
A3. The Whistleblower
A4. The Obscene Deliverance
B1. Obsidian Eyes
B2. Counterintuitive
B3. Engineered Consciousness
B4. The Riddle