Policies and Procedures

Refund Policy

Crestfallen Records will not process refunds for items damaged during transit. We are also not responsible for any packages delivered to an incorrect address; please make sure your address is correct prior to submitting your order. Due to the nature of preorder items, all preorder sales are final once tests are approved. If you have any questions regarding your order or if you need to change your address, please contact Bryce Hollman at bryce@crestfallensupply.co.

Privacy Policy

Crestfallen Records will not sell any personal information provided by our customers to any third party for any use whatsoever, nor will any personal information be used for promotional purposes on social media or elsewhere. All payment information, whether provided through direct card entry, PayPal, or ShopPay, is encrypted and unable to be accessed by any employee for any reason whatsoever.

Terms of Service

Crestfallen Records is not responsible for any damage sustained to products due to mishandling in transit. We take every precaution necessary to package records safely and securely for transit through the use of durable vinyl mailers and bubble wrap. All records will be packaged outside of the jacket to avoid seam splits and ringwear. Please refer to the Refund and Shipping Policies for more information regarding your order. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Bryce Hollman at bryce@crestfallensupply.co.

Shipping Policy

If you place an order for items that have already been released, you order will be shipped within one to two weeks of your order date. If you place an order for an item listed for preorder, your order will be shipped within one week of the listed release date, which may be subject to change due to delays. If you purchase items that have already been released and preorder items in the same order, they will all be shipped when the preorder is due to ship.

Crestfallen Records assumes no responsibility if records arrive damaged to international customers due to handling. We package all of our records outside of the jacket with bubble wrap, cardboard stiffeners, and vinyl mailers, to ensure as much safety as possible during shipping.

We also declare the full value on customs forms when shipping to outside of the United States. In the event that your package is lost, you can receive the value of your goods back. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in customs fees required to be collected upon delivery. If customs fees are required, it is up to the customer to pay them.